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Hypnosis for Relief from Panic Attacks

You can resolve your anxiety.  Parties, approaching members of the opposite sex, dealing with authority figures or just stress in general.  If you feel a nervousness or fear that's overly intense, you can release it - not just learn to manage it. You can solve it so you can be at your best.


How can this work for you?

THE PROBLEM:  Logically you know you're safe.  You know that person or group of people isn't going to hurt you — it's not the end of the world if the interaction doesn't go perfectly. Consciously... rationally... intellectually... you're safe. You should feel fine. But you don't.  There's a part of your mind that sends a very powerful signal of anxiety.  Your thoughts race, your stomach clenches, your heart pounds, your breathing is restricted.


THE SOLUTION:  Using hypnosis to work directly with the part of your mind that's sending that anxiety signal, so you have the chance to bring help directly to that subconscious/emotional part of your mind — the part that doesn't know or even care about all those reasons why you should feel fine.  So you have the chance to genuinely SOLVE the problem where it's happening rather than just talking about it or learning techniques to "manage" it.


How many sessions does it take?

You may work slowly, you may work quickly.  Some problems are straightforward, some are more complicated or deep-seated. Everyone is different, as is every situation.  Most people fall somewhere between one and five sessions.  


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