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Mission Statement

It is the mission of Capistrano Hypnotherapy to guide clients to achieving their goals, whether those be building confidence and self-esteem, reducing worry, anxiety or chronic pain, losing the compulsion to act on thoughts that lead to bad or unwanted habits, or improving restful sleep. We do this by aligning the body and mind through Hypnosis.


You will be shown the powers within yourself,

to have a calm clear mind, allowing you to 

reach your full potential, controlling your own

positive destiny, and improving the quality of 

your life on your road to personal success.




My husband swears he was traveling with a completely different person.  I wasn't even phased by the turbulence.

Teri W - Los Angeles, CA


Catherine Darras, CH

Hypnosis helps you take the necessary actions to get beyond your barriers to leading the life you dream of.  Your adventure in hypnosis can produce desired results by overcoming unwanted negative habits and limitations that were learned long ago, at a subconscious level.

.... I never would have believed it possible.  

Dave S - Irvine, CA