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I went to see Catherine for help with my insomnia.  I was waking up in the middle of the night with my mind racing, anxiety, and heart beating fast worrying and focused on negative things. Catherine helped me to sleep better, deeper, and the anxiety stopped.  I am focused on positive things and feeling calmer.  She also helped me with procrastination, staying more organized, and some pain issues I was having.  I was unsure if I could respond to hypnosis but found Catherine to be excellent, helpful, patient, and calming.  I think the results are better than going to a psychologist and just talking about your issues!

SH - Tustin, CA

Catherine is just awesome. I have sleeping issues and tried all sorts of solutions, medical and etc. and nothing seemed to work. I finally thought of using hypnotherapy as one last option, and to my surprise this is the only thing that finally worked!! I don't know how it works, but it works!! The session itself was a very relaxing experience and when I went home, for the first time after such a long time I was able to sleep. Thank you so much Catherine. I highly recommend the services of Capistrano hypnotherapy.

AA - Mission Viejo, CA

I was not only able to feel at ease in my every day life, I was enjoying things that used to give me anxiety - like attending professional networking events. Now I not only walk through my life with more comfort and ease, but I'm also able to help out so many more people in my own relationship & lifestyle coaching business. Catherine's gentle directness is just what I needed.

RD - Laguna Niguel, CA

Although I am a people person, I had this unexplainable paralyzing fear where I would get red, break out in a sweat, knots in my stomach, constricting in my throat every time I knew I had to network or speak.  After seeing Catherine just a couple of times, my anxiety symptoms (physical reactions) all went away & that fear of having to share with people what I do all went away. 

Thank you Catherine for helping me build my business & take away my anxiety in not only networking, but it has trickled to all areas of my life.  

I really enjoy my sessions at your office. You make me feel so comfortable to share freely. I also find my time with you to be peaceful & relaxing.  I'm so happy I found you.

NO - San Juan Capistrano, CA



Cathy - Thank you for helping me rekindle my flame.

With little expectation, and with some despair...I entered the unchartered experience of hypnotism...exhausted, uncertain, fearful and anxious.  After my sessions with you, I've returned to my authentic self: confident, passionate, optimistic and inspired!  ...... Thank you for sharing your gift with me.  I am forever grateful for the changes you've brought out in me.

Deborah - South OC, CA




I would recommend Cathy to anyone. She genuinely wants to help people and has no hidden agenda. You will feel safe with her, and the effects are long-lasting. You will be pleasantly surprised at the power of your subconscious!

During the sessions, her voice was always warm and soothing, and I felt completely safe.  I could hear her the entire time, yet afterward, I felt as though I’d had a refreshing nap. The effects were immediate!  Thanksgiving was the next day and I had no desire to eat large portions or seconds, or snack at all.  I felt completely satisfied!  Not only that, but I slept peacefully through the night, not waking even once.  I woke feeling rested and refreshed for the first time in recent memory.  I feel in complete control of my eating, have lost the desire to snack, and have slept restfully ever since that session.

MR - Lake Forest, CA




At first I didn’t feel like I was hypnotized, just really comfortable and relaxed.  But I realized shortly after that I had no desire for ‘bad foods’ – even at parties, and felt motivated to exercise.  My energy level was higher, I felt less tired, and more positive.  Things that might usually bother me, didn’t affect me much.

I like that I can help my body heal itself through deep through relaxation and visualization.  I can focus on me and heal myself from the inside out, naturally …… organically.  I love that I can see results and be proud

of my progress. I leave these sessions feeling clear and non-stressed.

SF - San Clemente, CA



I had obsessive thoughts and anxiety.  Immediately after one session with Catherine I felt such a sense of relief and a calmness come over me... I felt stronger in my thoughts and the ability to control my obsessive behaviors.. it was a great experience.. It's been over 8 months and the old ways have not returned.
Erin C. - Whittier, CA



My experience with Catherine was awesome.  I was leaving for a trip to Italy. I was experiencing severe shoulder and wrist pain from an accident I had the prior year. In my session I went under hypnosis quite easily because she has a very soft voice and she made me feel very comfortable.  Immediately following the session, the pain in my shoulder and wrist had subsided. I went on my trip to Italy

virtually pain free.

Bill F - Lake Forest, CA



Again my experience with Catherine was with incredible results. Following a recent break-up, I was experiencing severe depression so I asked Catherine for another session. After the session I was in a completely different frame of mind feeling good about me and my situation since then ... not feeling depression or anxiety.

This was a great experience.
Bill F - Lake Forest, CA



I have been dealing with a lot of adversity, physical pain and anxiety in my life.  Recently, my friend Catherine suggested hypnosis as a way to work through my situation, which I was very open to.  The result is like nothing I've felt before.  At the end of the session, I could not stop smiling.  I felt such relief and optimism, and like I had a new lease on life. I feel like a ton has been lifted off of my back, and a lot of

positive energy.  The feeling is ongoing.

Timothy H. - Oceanside, CA


I have suffered from chronic lower left back pain for eight years, acute for months at a time at least twice a year. Also, since being diagnosed with an Ascending Aortic Aneurysm over four years ago, and having my blood pressure meds increased by eight fold, my Reynaud's Syndrome, which I have been afflicted with since childhood, has kept me awake every night with excruciating burning pain in my hands.

I originally saw Cathy for the latter of the two symptoms, and after one treatment, the pain ceased. My doctors cannot explain it, no one can. It's absolutely amazing. I saw Cathy once again for my back pain. The first treatment reduced my pain by about 50%. Two weeks later she treated me again, and as a result I am 90% improved. Even with a broken rib and three cracked vertebrae from a severe accident about 4 months ago, I'm able to function daily with minimal discomfort.

Being an engineer, and a believer in modern Western medicine, had I not experienced what I have just described, I never would have

believed it possible.
Dave S. - Irvine, CA





I came to Catherine for hypnosis shortly after being diagnosed with advanced metastatic lung cancer.  I believe our minds have tremendous power to train and heal our bodies and I needed a guide to help me with this process.  Our sessions were done via Skype since I 

am not local to her.

My primary expectation was that she would help me to relax and visualize healing, and change any negative thinking patterns that block wholeness and health.  The experience was extremely relaxing, calming, and peaceful, both during and afterwards.  (She has a calming voice.)   I felt myself relax more quickly with each sessions.  Another result of the hypnosis was increased clarity, and feeling SO much less overwhelmed with my problems.

Most importantly, since starting hypnosis my cancer tumors have shrunk, my bone pain has disappeared, and sleep and

appetite are great!

Before each session we discussed what areas I wanted to focus on, such as pain, upcoming procedures, releasing feelings of resentment, digestive issues, appetite, etc.  Her suggestions during hypnosis are simply affirmations, creative symbolisms, and perspectives our minds use to heal both our bodies and emotional pain.  Being in the relaxed state makes the process all the more effective, not to mention enjoyable. I was always amazed at the various ways she has of looking at situations and finding helpful solutions. 

Catherine is insightful, creative, perceptive and effective! 

I highly reccomended her!

Carla L. - Bellingham, OR

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